Montaña de Rosiana



The troglodyte settlement of Rosiana is located on the Rosiana, Tunte or Los Huesos mountain, between the Agualatente and La Culata ravines. It is surely the largest set of caves on the island and in the entire Canary archipelago. Its elevated location and the view of the landscape it provides make your visit one of the most spectacular excursions possible on an island rich in this type of enclave.


It is a large settlement, an entire village open inside the stone, which has more than a hundred of these rooms, connected to each other by platforms, passageways and steps also carved into the rock. Arranged on different levels, the lower ones were used as dwellings, while the higher ones were used as barns or funerary deposits, hence the place name of Montaña Los Huesos.


Among the different units that make up this set, several painted caves stand out, including a small one located in the lower part of the town, decorated with a red plinth from which a punctiform decoration is arranged that occupies the rest of the wall. Other caves with traces of paint have been left hanging on the wall due to landslides.



The texts on this page are based on the Guide to the Archaeological Heritage of Gran Canaria, edited by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria.


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